All new features are being added to Bing Chat

The new features of Generative AI and Edge have been tested this month. In early May, Microsoft announced that it would be making changes to Bing chat history. Besides, visual response and image to text support will also be added to Bing Response. Basically, they are going to bring some features to increase the support of Bing and Edge app on mobile.

Microsoft has been in pretty good shape lately with artificial intelligence. They have been ahead of the competition since they introduced AI-driven features in Bing and Office apps. Google also came up with a new artificial intelligence thinking about the competition. Google has thought about user base though. But Microsoft has always focused on the product.

Everyone has been telling Microsoft the benefit of saving chat history for a long time. This feature will be available on the Bing mobile app this week. This means you can chat across multiple platforms and don’t need to open a separate Bing chat. To use the app, you need to connect to the desktop version with a QR code. Bing is also bringing widgets to the homescreen. You can start a new chat on the homescreen with the widget.

But one problem is that you have to go to multiple platforms several times. The Bing app now better understands which platform you’re on. Bing’s popularity will no doubt increase as new features roll out this week.

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