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BCS Cadre: A Gateway to a Challenging and Rewarding Career in Public Service

BCS cadre Examination

BCS stands for “Bangladesh Civil Service” . Everyone is running after livelihood, how many are running after life? A very favorite quote. Livelihood for life, not life for life’s sake, but what if life itself becomes precarious in pursuit of livelihood? Or if you can’t spend the hard work for a living with your family members, then how much is that living worth? So which job will you get life and livelihood together?

But in this cut-price market, jobs are uncertain, with no fixed working hours, no leisure. On the other hand, various benefits (lien, posting, study leave) along with respect, guaranteed job and future make civil services jobs desirable.

A total of 27 cadres in Bangladesh Civil Service or BCSA are recruited from among Bangladeshi citizens. First class gazetted officers are recruited through BCS. The Public Service Commission is responsible for appointing these officers of the Republic. Bangladesh Civil Service is the evolution of British Public Service, Pakistan Civil Service. Undoubtedly, this job is of the highest honor. But the competition is much higher than any other job, so hard work, patience and concentration are essential throughout from start to finish.

BCS is monitored and evaluated in three phases: preliminary, written and oral. Any batch of BCS takes more or less 2 years from notification to recruitment, so if you don’t have enough mental strength throughout the whole time, there is a possibility of breaking. You have to support yourself, your concentration for BCS, sheer will can take you forward. So before trying for BCS, know why you want to choose this profession.

Government jobs pay more than many private sector jobs due to recent increases in pay and allowances. But govt job is not a good option for overall salary structure, good salary to begin with but growth rate is low and your salary will always suffer in govt jobs. But pension, provident fund has benefits. There is job security. Many may think about honors, no doubt BCS officials get the highest honors.

The biggest thing is getting an opportunity to work for the country. To play a direct role in the welfare of the country and the people through the implementation of government policies. And you must be willing to put in the most effort, the most time to get the best opportunity.

Probable time of exam after publication of any notification is in the month of September. Take 3 months before the exam to prepare for the preliminary exam. Many people give the preli again and again without preparation, taking a chance, thinking that if they pass, they will prepare in writing. But clearing BCS Preli is more difficult than written or oral. Remember – “without preparation it is not possible to get rid of Preli”, in the new 200 number system you have to prepare for everything. Without preparation, not having a preli after giving a preli means going back a whole year.

Bengali literature should cover the ancient period, the middle period and especially the modern period. Conjunctions, Words, Prepositions, Factors, Samas, Prepositions, Prepositions are important. This preparation will also be useful for the written exam. Charyapad, Sri Krishna Kirtan, Mangalkavya, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Arakan Rajsabha, Liberation War related novels, stories, plays etc. Surnames, nicknames, quotes should be read.

Let’s talk about the poets of the Elizabethan, Victorian and Romantic ages in English literature. You need to know which quote is quoted from, who’s title is. Use clauses, sentence structure, voice, idioms.

Bangladesh should be started from the origin of the Bengali nation, then Maurya, Tamra, Pala, Sen, Afghan, Mughal, Islamic rule, Sultanate period, Nawabi, British, Pakistani period should be covered. The history of liberation war should be well known. Constitution, topography, administrative structure, size, area, famous place, river speed should wear nature. We need to know about disasters in our country and history related to disasters.

Questions of good governance can be answered with some common sense. However, you can take a look from any book. In international, you will see the headquarters of various organizations, history, treaty-partitions, wars, climate-related international organizations, laws, conventions, protocols, etc.

Maths involves solving problems such as percentages, profit and loss, unitary rules, algebraic expressions, values, probability, arrays, volume, range, or angle values. Mental skills can usually come up with phrases, synonyms, and even spelling. However, in the case of mathematical problems and mental skills, care should be taken to answer in the shortest possible time.

Science comes from all disciplines physics, chemistry, and biology. Various measuring instruments, information on plant growth, physiology, gravity, astronomy, modern science, various diseases, famous discoveries etc. History of computer and mobile, current status, different types of networks, software, program languages, social media inventors and years, status of Bangladesh, etc. can be read in information technology.

Preparation for Preli can be completed with any one of the digests. However, regular reading habits should be developed. Special BCS numbers of current affairs, previous questions etc. may not give you a real picture but at least give you a rough idea. It is not necessary to read by notes, but it is better to learn short techniques and tricks to remember where they are available.

In Preliminary you have to go to the exam hall with a pile of information. Repeated practice will help you remember where information is.

Time management is the most important thing for pre-exam. Many times it is seen that despite good preparation, many people cannot answer all the questions during the exam, many forget many things they know under the stress of the exam, make mistakes, they have to sit at home before the exam and give model tests in order to overcome these problems.

A variety of self-test questions are available, testing with them will reduce the inertia of the test, reducing the chances of minor mistakes.

BCS cadre list

The Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) cadre list is a list of all the cadres that are available to BCS officials. The Ministry of Public Administration (MOPA) updates the list once a year.

The following is a list of all the BCS cadres are as follows:

  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Agriculture)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Ansar)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Audit & Accounts)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Cooperative)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Customs & Excise)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Economic)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Fisheries)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Food)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Foreign Affairs)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Forest)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (General Education)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Health)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Information)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Livestock)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Police)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Postal)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Public Health Engineering)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Public Works)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Railway Transport & Commercial)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Railway: Engineering)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Roads & Highways)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Statistics)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Taxation)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Technical Education)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Trade)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service (Telecommunication)

Based on their results in the BCS examination and their choices, BCS officers are assigned to cadres. The MOPA manages the cadre assignment procedure.

BCS officers are obligated to remain in a particular cadre for a set amount of time after being assigned to it. They can be qualified to transfer to another cadre following that time, if certain requirements are met.

The BCS cadre list is crucial because it establishes the tasks that BCS officers will perform and the places they will be stationed. Additionally, it’s significant because it affects the options for professional development open to BCS officers.

BCS non cadre

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) holds the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Non-Cadre competitive examination to select candidates for first- and second-class positions in various government agencies and organizations. All Bangladeshi citizens with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited university are eligible to take the exam.

The BCS Non-Cadre exam is administered in two phases: an oral exam and a written exam. A general knowledge paper and a specialty paper make up the written test. The general knowledge exam includes a wide range of subjects, including the politics, economy, geography, and history of Bangladesh. The specialized paper addresses a particular field of study, such engineering, medicine, or law.

The oral interview is used to evaluate a candidate’s personality, communication abilities, and job appropriateness.

The two categories of BCS Non-Cadre positions are typically general and technical. Posts classified as general are ones that don’t call for any specialized education or training. Technical positions need for specific education or work expertise in a particular industry.

Several government agencies, including the police, the army, the navy, the civil aviation authority, the school board, and the health department, offer BCS Non-Cadre positions.

For BCS Non-Cadre positions, the pay and perks vary based on the position and the department. However, there are a number of advantages to which all BCS Non-Cadre officers are entitles, including a fixed income, a housing rent allowance, a medical allowance, and a travel allowance.

If you wish to work in the government, BCS Non-Cadre is a viable career path. It provides a steady career with competitive compensation and benefits. It’s crucial to remember, though, that there is fierce rivalry for BCS Non-Cadre positions. The very best prospects are chosen.

On the BPSC website, you may find further details if you’re interested in applying for a BCS Non-Cadre position.

BCS cadre job list

The list of all government positions in Bangladesh that are filled through the BCS test is called the BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) Cadre Job List. The list is organized into 27 distinct cadres, each with an own set of obligations and responsibilities.

  1. Here is a complete list of the BCS cadre jobs:
  2. Administration
  3. Agriculture
  4. Ansar
  5. Audit & Accounts
  6. Co-operative
  7. Customs & Excise
  8. Economic
  9. Education
  10. Family Planning
  11. Fisheries
  12. Food
  13. Foreign Affairs
  14. Forest
  15. Health
  16. Information
  17. Livestock
  18. Police
  19. Postal
  20. Public Health Engineering
  21. Public Works
  22. Railway (Transportation & Commercial)
  23. Railway (Engineering)
  24. Roads & Highways
  25. Statistics
  26. Taxation
  27. Technical Education
  28. Tax Administration
  29. Bank
  30. Planning
  31. Defence

Each cadre has an own set of prerequisites and requirements. For instance, candidates for the Administration cadre must hold a degree in any field, but those for the Foreign Affairs cadre must hold a political science or international relations degree.

Candidates who want to apply for a BCS cadre position must first sit for and pass the BCS exam. The BCS exam, which consists of three parts, gauges candidates’ general knowledge, mathematical, and English skills.

Candidates that pass the BCS exam are ranked based on how well they performed. The top candidates are then assigned to their desired cadre in accordance with their ranking and the openings in each cadre.

Some of Bangladesh’s most prominent and sought-after employment are BCS cadre positions. They provide favorable benefits, prospects for promotion and competitive compensation.

K-12 education: Foundations of long life success

BCS syllabus

bcs syllabus
bcs syllabus
bcs syllabus
bcs syllabus
bcs syllabus
bcs syllabus
  1. What is BCS exam?

    BCS stands for Bangladesh Civil Service, and BCS exam is the exam given to enter this civil service.

  2. What is the civil service thing?

    Civil service is a government job. Government jobs in any country are roughly divided into two categories:
    Military and Civil. Military refers to Army, Navy, Air Force, and Civil Service refers to the 27 services of Administration (meaning those who are Magistrates, District DCs, Ministry Secretaries), Police, Tax, Foreign Affairs, Customs, Audit, Education etc.

  3. What does cadre mean?

    Cadre means a group specially trained to do a specific job. Recruits are trained to carry out specific duties of government jobs, hence they are called Civil Service Cadre or BCS Cadre.

  4. Why are BCS officers called first class gazetted officers?

    There are four classes in Bangladesh government jobs, the highest class is called first class or first class. At the time of their appointment, the official gazette or notification comes out, the President himself appoints them.
    On the whole, gazetted officers of the first class are in a better position in terms of quality, scope of duties and facilities.

  5. How many types of cadre?

    BCS cadres are basically of two types. Namely:
    1) General (Police, Admin, Foreign etc.);
    2) Technical (Education, Health, Agriculture, Roads and Township etc.).
    Anyone can apply for the job in General Cadre by passing the exam from any subject, but to get the job in Technical Cadre one needs to have educational qualification in specific subject.
    For example:
    No one can work as a government doctor without MBBS degree.

  6. What is the eligibility for BCS exam?

    Must be a citizen of Bangladesh, must be within the specified age limit.
    A four year Honors or equivalent degree in any subject.
    Students studying abroad can also appear in the examination by showing a certificate from the Ministry of Education that their degree is equivalent to a four-year degree in Bangladesh.

  7. Brother, I am a doctor / engineer / architect / sexologist. Can I become a policeman, diplomat, tax officer etc by taking BCS exam?
    Or do I have to go to the health service as a doctor?

    Of course you can. In some fields, this technical degree will bring you huge benefits. For example,
    If you become a doctor and join the police, you will be inundated with UN missions. Just as you can become a police chief on the one hand, you can also practice medicine on the other hand subject to permission.
    If you are an engineer in the police training in various technical crimes
    You will be prioritized. There are many doctors and engineers who have become secretaries, ambassadors etc. without joining the technical cadre. Get rid of the idea that just because you read English you have to be Shakespeare.

  8. Brother, I have studied from private university, national university, foreign university, degree college of village area, alien academy of Mars. Can I take the BCS exam?

    wherever you study, if you have not more than one third class in life and if you have fulfilled 6 points educational qualification in total-
    You can take the test.
    Students of English Medium / Madrasa can also take the exam.
    Whether you get a job or not depends on what you write in the exam book, not your organization.

  9. How is the civil service medical test? Is the police medical test like the army? And this medical test is likely to be dropped?

    Civil service medical test is very common and basic, you can go to any government hospital and ask the doctor.
    Unless you have a very serious problem, there is no chance of exclusion. Police medical test for all other cadres Same, not different. Only height and weight are slightly different. The eye rule for the police is, whatever your eye is, if it's 6/6 after wearing glasses, then there's no problem.

  10. Brother, I heard that BCS exam can be given without completing honors, is it true?

    No, the exam cannot be given without honors. However, within the date mentioned in the notification, all the examinations of honors have been completed but the result is yet to be given – in such a case, the examination can be given with a certificate from the head of departmental examination. After that the original certificate has to be taken during the Vibah.
    If you have a dream you will become a BCS CADRE. But without wasting time, start today. You too will become a BCS CADRE, if you can persevere like successful people.

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