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Best features of smartwatch | Do you know these 7 features of the smartwatch?

Along with smartphones, another smart device usage has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and that is the smartwatch. Nowadays, smart watches are often seen on people’s hands everywhere.

Many people buy smart watches and do nothing more than watch the time and occasionally use some features. Most of the time the smartwatch screen is off. But the use of smart watches bought at a reasonable price is reasonable!

Bluetooth calling

This essential feature is available in many low-cost smartwatches these days. These watches have a built-in speaker and microphone so that phone calls can be picked up from the watch. This feature of the smartwatch can be very useful if for some reason it is difficult to hold the smartphone.

Music control

You can control your favorite music without touching your smartphone. For this, the smartwatch itself has wireless control music playback. As a result, music can be stopped, paused and even changed with the wristwatch.

Camera control

The camera control feature works just like the music control. The phone’s camera shutter can be pressed with the smartwatch. The scene on the lens screen will be instantly captured by the camera. You can take pictures with the smartwatch by keeping the phone on the stand.

Find my phone

A smartphone is lying in a corner of the room. But the required time is not available. Don’t worry, with smartwatch you will know where your phone is. That’s why the Find My Phone feature has been provided in the smartwatch. Even if the smartphone is lost, this feature of the smartwatch can come in handy.

Oxygen levels in the body

The smartwatch itself has a great feature of knowing the oxygen levels in the body. The use of which has increased significantly after COVID-19. You can measure body oxygen with a smartwatch without any additional devices.

heart palpitations

Along with oxygen, the condition of the heart is also known through the smartwatch. This feature will be very useful for those who exercise regularly or want to know their heart rate quickly after a lot of exertion. You can know heart rate on smart watch with one click.

Tracking women’s health

Health tracking features especially for women are offered in the smartwatch. Multiple health related issues including menstrual cycle can be tracked regularly on the smartwatch. Women can use this feature to maintain body health.

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