Alkaline Water: A Natural Remedy for Acidosis

Nowadays many people have become interested in drinking alkaline water. Various celebrities including Hollywood actress Miranda Kerr have said that they are getting various health benefits by drinking this water. However, many people are confused about what this water is and whether it is really beneficial for health. Fox News reported this information in a report.

What is alkaline water and why we drink it?

All foods and beverages contain a certain amount of acid, which is expressed by pH. It expresses the energy of hydrogen (energy of hydrogen). The pH scale is expressed from 1 to 14. Many believe that alkalis prevent chronic diseases such as cancer. Let’s know about it.
Most water has a normal pH of 7,alkaline water has a pH of 8-9. It is slightly higher than normal water.

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Alkaline water is low in acid and high in alkali which helps to reduce acid levels in our body.
Alkaline water necessarily carries alkaline minerals and a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) due to which the water acts as an anti-oxidant.

Water is essential for the human body. It is impossible to survive without water. So there is no alternative to drinking water that is pure and rich in natural ingredients for healthy living. Drinking water is very important for good health, good performance, good skin, weight loss and prevention of various physical complications.

There are various sources of drinking water. These are deep tube wells, natural springs, rivers and rainwater. But the water of these sources should be pure and contain natural ingredients. At present, due to the excessive use of pesticides and toxic chemicals in factories, the water in rivers, seas, tube wells and tube wells is no longer pure.

We are talking about the purity of the water as well as the correct composition or alkalinity level of the water. Before mentioning the components of alkaline water, it is necessary to know some basic scientific facts about water.Water is a chemical substance symbolized by H2O. Each water molecule consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded.

The scientific name of water is Dihydrogen Monoxide according to the nomenclature of the chemical compound. But this name is not used anywhere. After drinking, water is excreted from the body as waste along with sweat, urine and breath. While water is beneficial, drinking too much can also be harmful. But one should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, which can be about two liters.

Ingredients of Alkaline Water:

Alkaline water must contain sodium (Na), potassium (K), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). Without these four elements, water will never be alkaline.Although natural alkaline water is not available, water can be made alkaline in two ways.First, water ionizer machines provide highly alkaline water. Alkaline water will be produced automatically when the machine is connected to the water tap.

This water acts as medicine in the body.Second, alkaline water can be made by mixing certain ingredients with pure water. Alkaline water will be prepared by mixing the juice of a medium sized lemon and a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt (this salt contains 84 types of minerals including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) in two and a half liters of pure water. Drinking this water is much healthier than plain water. Drinking this water improves the alkaline or pH level of the blood by reducing the acidic scale of the body.

pH of Alkaline water

A liquid’s acid (H+) and alkaline (OH-) phases can be identified using the PH scale. This has an alkaline range of seven to fourteen and an acid range of zero to seven. A heart attack may happen if the blood’s pH level falls below 7. It is possible to lose consciousness or perhaps go into a coma if it drops below 6.8.A dip in blood pH below 7.35 indicates impending disease. The unfortunate fact is that 80% of the food we consume each day is acidic (high in positive ions). The chemical reactions in our bodies might become out of balance when we consume acidic meals like unhealthy fried foods, fast food, junk food, and soft drinks.

Body chemistry that disrupts the pH balance leads to illness. As a result, accumulation of fat in the body, obesity, blockage in the arteries of the heart, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer etc. seriously increase the risk of various complex diseases. Raw vegetables especially greens, cucumbers, cucumbers, gourds etc., vegetables and salads protect the body’s pH from acidic and ideal alkaline level Noe.

In an alkaline phase, cancer cells grow more slowly while growing more slowly in an acidic phase. If the human body is always maintained at the appropriate alkaline level, cancer can be avoided. because an oxygen atmosphere is inhospitable to cancer cells. In order to control and prevent cancer, it’s crucial to maintain or improve blood flow to the affected area, particularly blood with alkaline characteristics (which is rich in oxygen). Keep in mind that the body’s billions of cells begin to become acidic whenever it is dehydrated. Thirst is a sign of dehydration.

Therefore, you must drink an ideal amount of water to keep the body’s hundred trillion cells active in chemical reactions, to maintain blood flow, to maintain fluid flow to the brain and eyes, and to keep the kidneys and heart functioning.

Does alkaline water really work?

Alkaline water is still controversial, because it is very necessary for the body and is especially useful for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels.
Recent studies have shown that people who regularly drink alkaline water have lower blood pressure than normal, resulting in better blood circulation and increased oxygen levels in the blood.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water

There are some benefits of drinking alkaline water likes:

  • Alkaline water maintains acid and alkaline balance in the body.
  • Since acid dissolves quickly in alkaline water, toxins or wastes in the body are properly eliminated and immunity is boosted.
  • This water controls various complex diseases including diabetes, heart and brain diseases, high blood pressure, uric acid.
  • Regular drinking of alkaline water reduces blood lipids and high blood pressure.
  • Relieves constipation, diarrhea, stomach and intestinal problems.
  • Controls arthritis and diseases caused by excess acid in the body.
  • Regular consumption of alkaline water prevents physical and mental diseases caused by obesity.
  • Prevents cataracts, fatty deposits in arteries.
  • Adequate sleep due to anti-oxidant content in the body.
  • Drinking this water regularly during pregnancy benefits both mother and baby.

Harmful aspect of Alkaline water

Although the negative effects of alkaline water have not been well studied, certain possible hazards have been identified. These consist of:

  • Intestinal conditions: Large doses of alkaline water might make you feel sick to your stomach and make you want to puke.
  • Interference with drug absorption:The absorption of some medicines, such as those for heartburn or acid reflux, can be affected by alkaline water.
  • Alkaline water can produce dry skin, which makes it more prone to irritation. Alkaline water can also irritate the eyes, which can result in redness, stinging, and tearing.
  • Alkalosis of the metabolism: The body’s natural pH equilibrium can be upset by consuming significant volumes of alkaline water, which can result in a condition called metabolic alkalosis. Muscle weakness, confusion, and convulsions are a few of the symptoms that this illness can produce.
  • It is crucial to remember that not everyone who drinks alkaline water will experience these hazards; they are merely prospective ones. Alkaline water’s long-term safety requires more investigation.

It is best to first discuss your options with your doctor if you are thinking of drinking alkaline water. They can assist you in determining the appropriateness of alkaline water for you and your own risk assessment.

Here are a few more considerations regarding alkaline water:

Alkaline water’s pH ranges greatly, from 8 to 10 and even higher. There is no assurance of the safety or purity of alkaline water because it is not subject to FDA regulation. The assertions that alkaline water offers any health advantages are not supported by scientific research.

Alkaline water does not generally pose any known concerns, although there are some that should be taken into account. It is best to first discuss your options with your doctor if you are thinking of drinking alkaline water.

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