How are the job opportunities after reading BBA and MBA?

The most well-known department or faculty of more than one and a half hundred public and private universities in Bangladesh is business administration. BBA and MBA programs are taught under this department. Business administration is taught in almost all public and private universities except a handful of government engineering and agricultural universities. Also, several government universities are opening separate institutes to teach business administration. For example, the IBA (Institute of Business Administration) of Dhaka, Rajshahi and Jahangirnagar universities also offer higher degrees in this subject. From this, the needs or importance of students and institutions in business administration can be estimated.

How are the job opportunities after reading BBA and MBA?

There are three significant reasons for such interest in BBA and MBA among domestic students. Among these, the academic activities of the universities, social evaluation and interest of the employers are the least.

With the passage of time, the scope of activities of multinational organizations as well as domestic business organizations is constantly increasing. A Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) can get a job in the top positions of any organization by showing creativity in his career along with attractive salary, advanced facilities. Working from the World Bank to other international organizations. It also plays a significant role in alleviating poverty in the country.

Where is the future destination?

After completing BBA and MBA, many can establish themselves as entrepreneurs besides working in various organizations.

1. Job opportunities in corporate and institutional sector

The job placement of business administration graduates is determined by the type of corporate. It is good to say that BBA and MBA degrees are awarded on various subjects. Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management, Human Resource Management, Tourism & Hotel Management, Supply Chain Management, Banking & Insurance, Islamic Banking, Real Estate Management, International Trade, Accounting Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Financial Technology (Fintech), Health BBA and MBA degrees are also offered in other subjects as per the demand of the times including management.

A BBA or MBA degree usually leads to quick employment in banks, insurance and other financial institutions. Business administration graduates are also preferred in the currently growing garment industry.

Also, the exclusive presence of business administration students can be observed in established super shops across the country. Even BBA and MBA degree holders in tourism and hotel management are preferred. Pharmaceutical industry is another strong economic sector of Bangladesh. BBA and MBA graduates are recruited in drug marketing and marketing.

BBA-MBA graduates are the first choice for companies involved in import-export trade. Small and medium enterprises, NGOs employ business administration graduates at their staff and officer levels. Graduates of business administration department also get priority in the recruitment of income tax department of the government.

Another great opportunity for business administration graduates is the opportunity to teach in any medium. BBA MBA degree holders are highly valued in business education recruitment at school and college level. BBA MBA degree holders are also not behind in the media world. Many famous news workers, news readers of Bangladesh have come and established themselves in this world after obtaining BBA, MBA degree.

2. Can be a successful entrepreneur

Students enter the university unemployed. But after doing BBA or MBA they usually don’t have to be unemployed. They can be entrepreneurs even without a job. They can be small, or medium entrepreneurs according to their ability. One day some of them become big entrepreneurs.

Education and training on how to set up a business enterprise or agriculture or other projects is imparted through BBA, MBA programs. The program also provides simple solutions on how to raise capital and best use of capital.

After graduating in business administration, many are joining the stock business, foreign currency exchange business independently without working.

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Why are BBA and MBA graduates so valued?

The Department of Business Administration has a diverse collection of courses. Through these contemporary courses, a student gets an early idea about the institutional activities. Some signs of professionalism can be seen in them since their education. As a result, BBA and MBA graduates have everything that employers look for in smart and skilled workers.

Because the students have to participate in numerous assignments, field work, industrial tours, presentations in the four year BBA program. In the final year, they have to learn hands-on work through an internship in a company. That is, they have a standard preparation before going to the job market.

Finally, business administration is a dynamic subject. It is also changing with information technology and changing national and global affairs. As a result, its demand will always skyrocket.

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