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Instead of password, Google launched Passkey


Passkey is designed to replace full passwords, allowing you to authenticate with Fingerprint ID, Facial ID, or PIN on the phone or device you use to authenticate.

In recognition of World Password Day 2023, Google announced its next step toward a password-free future: Passkey. Passkeys is a new, password less authentication method that provides a convenient authentication experience for sites and apps using only a fingerprint, face scan, or other screen lock.

About one year ago, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Fido announced that they wanted to take the online world as a secure platform without passwords. That’s why multifactorial authentication or password managers were also introduced. But these managers have some problems. But Pass-Key can now get rid of that problem.

All user devices and accounts can now be accessed primarily through cryptographic authentication. User can connect to all devices by biometric or simple method without password. That is, the user will get the online facility only by inputting on his own device. In this way hackers cannot easily hack even if they want to. Earlier, Apple introduced this feature in iPhone in September last year. But not much is known about its implementation online.

Users can now get Passkey with Google Account but this feature is not yet available in Workspace account.

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