KTAC Insurance: Securing Your Investment

Kubota tractors corporation are well known for their excellence, robustness, and adaptability. For farmers, landscapers, and anybody else who depends on sturdy equipment, they are an invaluable tool. However, it’s important to safeguard your Kubota against unanticipated events, just like any investment. KTAC insurance can help with that.

What Is KTAC Insurance?

KTAC Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC), offers Kubota-Endorsed Property Damage Insurance.  This specific insurance plan is intended to protect your Kubota machinery from various risks, both on and off your land.

Why select insurance from KTAC?

For Kubota owners, KTAC insurance is the best option for a number of reasons:

  • Kubota-endorsed: KTAC is the only insurance plan that has Kubota’s endorsement, which means it is specifically designed to fit your Kubota machinery. This guarantees thorough coverage that considers the unique characteristics and weaknesses of your equipment.
  • Peace of mind: You can concentrate on what really counts, which is finishing the task at hand, knowing that your Kubota is safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Flexible coverage: To meet your specific needs and financial constraints, KTAC provides a range of coverage alternatives. Basic coverage and more extensive policies with extra benefits like roadside assistance and rental equipment coverage are available for selection.
  • Effective claims procedure: KTAC is dedicated to providing a seamless and trouble-free claims process. They guarantee that you will receive a speedy and equitable settlement because they have a committed staff of claims professionals who have handled Kubota-related disputes before.
  • Solid reputation: KTAC is well known for its dependable coverage and top-notch customer support. They have been safeguarding Kubota machinery for more than thirty years, and their excellent customer satisfaction scores are proof of their dedication to their clients.
KTAC Insurance: Securing Your Investment

What Does KTAC Insurance Cover?

Many risks are covered by KTAC insurance, such as:

  • Theft: You will receive full reimbursement from KTAC for any stolen Kubota equipment.
  • Fire and lightning damage: both on and off your property, KTAC covers damage from fire and lightning.
  • Collision: KTAC will pay for the cost of replacement or repairs if your Kubota equipment is involved in an accident.
  • Vandalism: graffiti and shattered windows are examples of damage that is covered by KTAC.
  • Windstorms and hail: KTAC covers windstorm and hail-related damage, including debris and downed trees.
  • Flooding: Both on and off your property, KTAC covers damage brought on by flooding.
  • Rollover: Should your tractor topple over on uneven ground, for example, KTAC will cover damage resulting from rollovers.
  • Glass breakage: KTAC provides coverage for harm to the windscreens and windows of your Kubota.
  • Falling things: Hail and tree branches are examples of falling objects for which KTAC provides coverage.
  • Water damage: flooding and engine flooding are examples of damage covered by KTAC.

Extra Advantages of KTAC Insurance

Apart from the all-inclusive coverage, KTAC insurance provides various other advantages, like:

  • Competitive prices: KTAC is an inexpensive choice for Kubota owners because of their competitive pricing on insurance coverage.
  • Simple enrollment: It’s quick and simple to sign up for KTAC insurance. You can do it at your neighbourhood Kubota dealer, over the phone, or online.
  • Customer service representatives from KTAC are on hand around the clock to respond to your inquiries and help you with any claims you may have.

How to Request a KTAC Insurance Quote?

It’s easy to get an estimate for KTAC insurance. You can get in touch with your neighbourhood Kubota dealer or go to the KTAC Insurance Agency website. Before giving you a customised quotation, they will inquire about your desired coverage level and some basic information about your Kubota equipment.

Are You a Good Fit for KTAC Insurance?

It is definitely worthwhile to think about KTAC insurance if you own a Kubota tractor or other equipment. It provides thorough and dependable coverage, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your priceless investment is safeguarded. With its various options, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service, KTAC is the clear choice for Kubota owners who want the best possible protection for their equipment.

The cost of KTAC insurance

The cost of KTAC insurance for Kubota tractors might vary based on a number of variables, but in general, you should budget about $1.30 for every $1,000 of tractor value each month. For typical insurance, this equates to an average monthly cost of $34 or an annual cost of $407.

The following variables may have an impact on the price of your KTAC insurance:

  • Value of your tractor: Your premium will increase in proportion to the cost of your tractor.
  • Options for coverage: Your price will vary depending on the level of coverage you select.
  • Deductible: Lowering your monthly premium with a greater deductible will result in a larger out-of-pocket expense for you should you need to make a claim.
  • Location: Since variables like weather and crime rates are taken into account, your location may also have an impact on your rates.
  • Age and experience of the operator: More experienced and older operators may obtain reduced rates.

The following resources can assist you in obtaining a more precise estimation of the cost of your KTAC insurance:

  • Website of KTAC Insurance Agency: 800-582-4722, or online quotation requests are accepted.
  • Insuranks: You can compare rates from different providers and learn more about KTAC insurance costs on this page.

Here are a few more points to remember:

  • Only Kubota tractors with financing from Kubota Credit Corporation are eligible for KTAC insurance.
  • Many other types of dangers are covered by KTAC insurance, such as theft, fire, collision, hail, and vandalism.
  • To fully understand the extent of coverage and exclusions, make sure you carefully read the policy before making a purchase.

Insurance claim from KTAC

Here’s what you need to know if you need to file a claim for your Kubota tractor, excavator, or other machinery because KTAC Insurance specialises in covering Kubota equipment:

How a claim is filed:

  • Online: is the 24/7 online portal where you can file a claim.
  • Phone: KTAC’s claims department’s number is 1-800-348-5802, option 1, and it may be reached from Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CT.

What data do you require?

  • Your certificate number or policy number from KTAC
  • The incident’s date and time
  • An explanation of the harm
  • Where is the damaged equipment located?
  • Reports from police or fire (if applicable)

Following the filing of a claim:

  • You will be contacted by a KTAC claims representative to discuss your claim and obtain additional details.
  • Your claim may be assigned to an adjuster, who will look into the damage and identify its cause.
  • Throughout the procedure, you will be informed of how your claim is progressing.
KTAC Insurance: Securing Your Investment

Advice on submitting a claim:

  • As soon as possible following the incident, submit your claim.
  • Be ready to respond to inquiries from KTAC’s claims representatives regarding the occurrence.
  • Assemble any supporting material (pictures, videos, receipts, etc.) that can help you prove your claim.
  • Keep in touch with your claims adjuster and let them know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kubota KTAC Liability

Kubota KTAC Insurance: Safeguarding Your Capital

Property damage insurance policy Kubota KTAC Insurance is exclusive to Kubota machinery and is provided by Kubota Tractor Acceptance Corporation (KTAC). Since Kubota is the only company that has approved this programme, they are the experts on the worth and nuances of your Kubota.

What you should know about KTAC Insurance is as follows:


  • More comprehensive than most homeowner policies: includes coverage for a variety of risks, including rollovers, theft, fire, broken glass, falling items, collisions, hail, and weather-related incidents.
  • Both on and away from your land, it protects your Kubota even while in transit.
  • Minimal deductible: Just $250 for each instance.
  • Competitive prices are personalised based on your unique requirements and equipment.

Easy ways to make payments: Select the plan that you can afford.


  • Peace of mind: You may use your Kubota with confidence and be worry-free knowing that it is protected.
  • Efficient and practical: Simple enrollment with no forms to complete through your Kubota dealer.
  • Excellent client service Throughout the procedure, you receive assistance from devoted claim representatives.
  • Effective claim procedure: Work with approved dealers to swiftly restore your equipment to operation.
  • Crucial points to bear in mind:

The policy is underwritten and issued by the Ohio Indemnity Company.
Available only in the 50 United States, not U.S. territories, Canada, or Mexico.
Please carefully study the policy since the details and exclusions of coverage may differ.

Reviews of KTAC insurance

  • One company that offers insurance for Kubota machinery is KTAC Insurance. They provide a range of coverage choices, such as flood, theft, and bodily damage. Kubota Tractor Corporation has authorised KTAC Insurance, indicating that they are knowledgeable about Kubota machinery and are able to offer specific coverage.
  • Customers have generally had favourable things to say about KTAC Insurance. They are commended for both their efficient and speedy claims procedure and their friendly and informed customer support. But some clients have voiced dissatisfaction over KTAC Insurance’s exorbitant price.

The following are some benefits and drawbacks of KTAC insurance:


  • Simple and rapid claim processing
  • competent and supportive customer support.
  • coverage specific to Kubota equipment


  • Exorbitant insurance costs
  • restricted possibilities for coverage

Here are a few client testimonials for KTAC Insurance:

  • “My interaction with KTAC Insurance was excellent. My Kubota tractor claim was handled swiftly and simply once I filed it. Additionally, the client service was outstanding. John S.
  • “The peace of mind that comes with KTAC Insurance makes it worth the somewhat higher cost. I am certain that my Kubota machinery is securely guarded.” Jane B.
  • “Not everyone should use KTAC Insurance, in my opinion. Obtaining estimates from various insurance providers is definitely worthwhile before making a choice.” Tom A.

 What is covered by KTAC insurance? 

Kubota equipment is especially covered by KTAC insurance, which offers security both on and off your property, including during transit.

This is a summary of the coverage provided by KTAC Insurance:

Protected Hazards:

  • Theft: This comprises equipment that is lost via theft pertaining to Kubota.
  • Fire: There is fire damage insurance on your equipment.
  • Glass breakage: Your Kubota is covered if any glass components break, whether by accident or on purpose.
  • Falling things: KTAC insurance will assist you in getting your equipment repaired if it is damaged by falling objects.
  • Collision: This type of insurance covers damage resulting from crashes into other cars or objects.
  • Weather-related events: hail, tornado, hurricane, flood, and other damage are covered.
  • Vandalism: We cover vandalism that causes damage to your Kubota equipment.
  • Rollover (upset): KTAC insurance will help with repairs if your equipment tips over.
  • Earthquake: Your Kubota is insured against damage caused by earthquakes.
  • Water damage: The insurance will pay for unintentional water damage.
  • Infestation: This covers damage brought on by vermin or insects.

Extra advantages

  • Minimal deductible: The usual $250 deductible for KTAC insurance is small.
  • Greater protection than most homeowner plans: Compared to most regular homeowner policies, KTAC insurance provides more extensive coverage for Kubota equipment.
  • Total Loss Replacement Option: Under certain circumstances, this optional add-on enables you to get reimbursed for the original purchase price of your equipment (less taxes and fees) in the event of a total loss.
KTAC Insurance: Securing Your Investment
KTAC Insurance: Securing Your Investment

It’s crucial to understand what KTAC insurance excludes:

  • Mechanical breakdown: The KTAC insurance does not cover wear and tear or mechanical failures.
  • Exclusions: KTAC has particular exclusions listed in the policy documentation, just like any other insurance policy. These could include nuclear mishaps, war, terrorism, seizures by the government, etc.
  • All things considered, KTAC insurance offers your Kubota equipment excellent protection and peace of mind against a variety of insured risks. Because of its extensive coverage and possible advantages, KTAC insurance is something you should think about if you own Kubota equipment.

It is recommended to refer to the official policy documents or get in direct contact with the KTAC Insurance Agency for more detailed information regarding the exclusions and coverage of KTAC insurance. They can respond to any inquiries you may have and provide you with a customised quote.


Any owner of a Kubota should invest in KTAC insurance. Knowing that your equipment is safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances gives you peace of mind. For Kubota owners looking for the greatest possible protection for their priceless investment, KTAC is the obvious choice because of its extensive coverage, adaptable options, and first-rate customer service.

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