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Top 4 mistakes that damages your new mobile phone

A new phone always means better performance. It should work fine if there are no software issues. Apart from software, misuse of hardware can also damage the smartphone. We usually don’t notice these things. But even forgetting these, the smartphone gets damaged. For example

Keeping your phone in a wet place

Phones new or old, can’t be kept in wet places. Most phones these days are IP68 dust and water resistant. However, it should not be kept in a wet place for a long time. Do not place the phone in a hot,humid environment or even on a table with water. Sometimes it can cause major problems in hardware.

Top 4 mistakes that damages your new mobile phone

Do not charge the phone overnight

Many people sleep with phone charging while sleeping at night. That’s not right either. Because the charger keeps pressing even after the battery is fully charged. Thus, your phone’s battery capacity decreases rapidly. Sometimes the phone can get hot. Battery problems are also common in new phones these days.

Phone charges cannot be brought below 10%

The phone charge can never be brought below 10 percent. Because even if the battery charge is very low,the output of the phone is low. This time the software turns on battery optimization. And when optimization is on, the phone can’t do all the work. Battery stress means phone damage.

There is no charge while playing the game

Many people buy gaming phones. Charge while playing. don’t do it Processor is heating up. Taking responsibility. Overcharging both the battery and the processor can cause major problems.

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