‘Mocha’ has turned into a very strong cyclone, the speed of the wind is increasing

Cyclone Mocha

Severe Cyclone ‘Mocha’, which is located over Southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining Central Bay of Bengal, has moved northwards and intensified into a very strong cyclone over Central Bay of Bengal and adjoining Southeast Bengal.

Cyclone Mokha has turned into a very strong, the speed of the wind is increasing
Cyclone Mokha has turned into a very strong, the speed of the wind is increasing

This information was informed in the special notification number 10 of the Meteorological Department on Friday (May 12) at 8:30 am.

According to the special notification signed by meteorologist Hafizur Rahman, the cyclone is 1 thousand 95 km south-southwest of Chittagong seaport, 1 thousand 25 km south-southwest of Cox’s Bazar seaport, 1 thousand 55 km south-southwest of Mongla seaport and 1 thousand 55 It was located kilometers away. 55 km south-south-west of Payra seaport. It was located 20 km south-southwest. It may intensify further moving north-northeast.

Maximum wind speed is 120 km/h within 74 km of the cyclone center, increasing to 140 km/h in gusty form. The ocean around the super cyclone center is very rough.

The Meteorological Office has asked Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Payra seaports to display remote warning signal number 2. All fishing boats and trawlers plying in the northern Bay of Bengal and deep sea have been asked to move cautiously close to the coast. Deep sea expedition.

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