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Online learning Platform

Online learning platforms are typically thought of as educational software and an information system that businesses, institutions, and schools use to train students and keep all of their course materials in one location. However, there is no consensus over the specific traits it must unquestionably have.

Others see it as a computer-supported collaborative learning system (CSCLS), while still others see it as a virtual community of students, teachers, and professors using knowledge management (KM) techniques. Some see it as more similar to a content management system (CMS), while others see it as a learning management system (LMS).

An eLearning platform will be referred to as an LMS in this article, and it will be described as a piece of software for organizing online training. The most repetitive and dull aspects of training, such as gathering assignments, grading exams, analyzing statistics, and generating reports, are automated by an LMS. In addition, corporate training enables you to manage all procedures from your work computer, allowing you to teach your colleagues without having to leave the workplace. Employees can learn online at any time, from any location, even using a smartphone.

Online learning platforms are websites or applications that provide educational content and resources for learners. They may offer courses, certificates, degrees or other forms of education from various institutions and organizations. Online learning platforms can help students access high-quality education, improve their skills, and pursue their interests from anywhere and anytime.

How to Pick Online Learning platforms?

It can be difficult to select a solution when there are over 800 learning management systems in the market, especially if it is your first eLearning platform. When choosing a platform, you should start by considering your needs. Here are three crucial factors to take into account before choosing:

Contrasting with corporate

Both types of eLearning platforms let you access online learning resources and automate some training and educational procedures. Although there are some notable variances and a different focus between university and corporate LMSs. They feature unique organizational structures, scheduling divisions, and tracking and evaluation systems, at the very least. Corporate LMSs are also more adaptable and enable quicker, more regular material upgrades.

Business and usage cases

Depending on the sector of your organization, an LMS could have some unique requirements. For instance, if you run a healthcare institution, you could require an LMS that can be associated with ACCME web services as well as a hospital administration system.

You should also consider whether the eLearning platform you choose can accommodate all of your use cases. For instance, is it appropriate for channel partner training or might it assist you in automating staff onboarding? When educating business partners, for instance, you could wish to set up groups of external learners who will have access to particular learning materials but be constrained in their ability to view other content and make use of other LMS features.


That’s a rather broad area of study, I suppose. Making a list of your LMS needs and then checking to see if one or more vendors offer the things you require can be a helpful hack. Additionally, it’s a good idea to examine client testimonials for any specific LMS. We’ve compiled a list of typical learning management system criteria so you can check them out and help restrict your search.

Let’s now examine in greater detail the top online learning platforms… 

Some examples of online learning platforms are:

Coursera: A platform that partners with leading universities and companies to offer courses, professional certificates and degrees in various fields.


A marketplace that allows anyone to create and sell courses on a wide range of topics.


A platform that enables educators and entrepreneurs to create and sell their own online courses.

iD Tech:

A platform that offers online STEM courses and camps for kids and teens.


A platform that helps businesses create and deliver online training and e-learning courses.
There are many other online learning platforms available depending on your goals and preferences.

Philosophy of Technology in education

There are many online learning platforms for corporate students, but some of the best are:


A mobile-first LMS that offers microlearning, gamification, social learning and content authoring tools. It has a library of custom courses on a variety of topics and a quick course builder that lets you create engaging and interactive courses in minutes.

Best online learning platforms for corporate learners

Learn iSpring:

A cloud-based LMS that’s easy to use, yet full of functionality. It allows you to create courses with quizzes, simulations, videos and interactions. It also integrates with popular authoring tools like PowerPoint and iSpring Suite. You can track student progress and performance through detailed reports and analytics.


A versatile and scalable LMS that can meet any training need. It has a user-friendly interface and a powerful course editor that allows you to create courses with multimedia, assessments, gamification and certification. It also supports blended learning, social learning and e-commerce.


A feature-rich and customizable LMS that uses artificial intelligence to personalize the learning experience. It has a modular design that allows you to add or remove functionality as needed. It also offers gamification, social learning, integration and an app marketplace.

SAP Litmos:

A cloud-based LMS designed for customer, partner and employee training. It has a smooth and intuitive interface and a robust course library with over 1000 courses. It supports gamification, badges, leaderboards, surveys, feedback and reporting.

Adobe Captivate Prime:

A self-service LMS that lets you create, deliver, and manage learning programs. It has a fluidic player that can play any type of content without plugins or downloads. It also includes gamification, social learning, offline access and analytics.


A flexible and affordable LMS that can handle any type of training. It has a simple and elegant interface and a drag-and-drop course builder that lets you create courses with multimedia, quizzes, surveys, and SCORM content. It also includes reporting, notifications, certificates and e-commerce.


A modern and adaptable LMS that can fit any training situation. It has a responsive and customizable interface and a powerful course editor that lets you create courses with video, audio, images, text, SCORM, Tin Can API and H5P. It also includes gamification, social learning, integration and branding.


A WordPress-based LMS ideal for creating membership sites and online courses. It has a drag-and-drop course builder that lets you create courses with videos, quizzes, progress tracking, certification, and automation. It also includes e-commerce, CRM integration, gamification and analytics.


Corporate skills training is a focus of the online company training platform GoSkills. From their course catalog, pick up in-demand skills like project management, design, and data analysis. Their courses are designed for mobile, self-paced learning that is flexible and convenient. They also include tests, exercise files, and reference materials so that your students can practice what they have learned. Additionally, they can readily see and track their learning progress with the aid of daily streaks.

It is crucial to take the following elements into account when selecting an online learning platform for business learners:

The variety of courses availableThe value of the information The tools that are offered, such progress monitoring and building personalized learning routes:

  • The costs
  • The usability
  • Getting input from other corporate learners who have utilized the platform is also crucial. This will give you a better understanding of how well it satisfies the requirements of your company.

These are some of the best online learning platforms for corporate learners that can help you achieve your training goals.

  1. What advantages do corporate learners get from adopting an online learning platform?

    For business learners, employing an online learning platform has a number of advantages, such as:Flexibility:Since online learning is accessible from any location at any time, learners have the freedom to adapt their learning around their personal and professional schedules.Cost-effectiveness: Compared to traditional classroom training, online learning may be a more cost-effective method of educating personnel.Scalability: Regardless of the size of the business, the needs of online learning can be accommodated. Customization: Online education can be tailored to each organization’s and its learners’ individual requirements.Engagement: Because online learning can include a range of multimedia and interactive features, it can be more engaging than traditional classroom instruction.Online learning can be easily measured to monitor student progress and results.

  2. What qualities should corporate learners look for in an online learning platform?

    It’s critical to consider features that cater to the unique requirements of the organization and its learners when selecting an online learning platform for corporate learners. Among the crucial aspects to take into account are:A user-friendly interface: Both administrators and students should find it simple to use the platform.A range of content formats: The platform ought to provide interactive exercises, audio, video, and text, among other material types.The platform should offer a reliable assessment method to monitor learners’ progress and results.Reporting and analytics capabilities: The platform should have these features in order to monitor learner performance and engagement.Support for mobile devices: The platform must be mobile device compatible so that learners may use it from any location. Security and privacy features: The platform must have robust security and privacy features to safeguard learner data.

  3. How can I pick the best online learning platform for my business?

    The best strategy to select the ideal online learning platform for your business is to give serious thought to your demands and specifications. You can begin comparing various platforms once you have a clear grasp of what you want. Here are some things to think about before choosing:The features and functionality you require in an online learning platform will depend on the size and financial resources of your firm.The individual demands of your learners: Considerations like their learning preferences and technical proficiency will have an impact on your choice.The sort of content you need to deliver: Your choice will also be influenced by the type of content you must provide, such as text, video or interactive exercises.Your IT infrastructure, including your network and security systems, will need to be taken into account when selecting an online learning platform.

  4. How can I set up an online learning platform in my company?

    It can be difficult to install an online learning platform in your company. However, there are some actions you may do to simplify the procedure:1. Create a plan: The first stage is to plan how the online learning platform will be implemented. The implementation schedule, budget, and goals should all be included in this strategy. 2. Choose a platform: As soon as you have a strategy, choose an online learning platform. When choosing your choice, be sure to take the aforementioned criteria into account. 3. Train your employees: After choosing a platform, it is important to instruct your personnel on how to use it. This instruction ought to cover both pedagogical and technical elements.   4. Launch the platform: After your staff has received training, you may start utilizing the platform to provide training to your employees.5. Monitor and analyze the platform: It’s crucial to do this to make sure the platform is serving the demands of your students. The platform should continually be evaluated and improved using the results.

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