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Reddit’s API changes and the AI crisis

Reddit is the perfect place for an AI chat bot tools.

A lot of information can be found here. Now the company has decided to add a new developer API. Basically they have taken this decision to monetize their data. In artificial intelligence, Open AI, Google’s Bird, Microsoft’s Bing AI provide their training from Reddit. But Reddit is holding back some of this database of robots.

Reddit works primarily through LML. Reddit quickly provides an answer based on public feedback. Some of the data here can be taken without thinking. But Reddit’s new API will prevent companies from getting data easily and directly.

Reddit’s API has been open since 2008. Back then it was open source for developers. As a result, sub reddit’s , in addition to creating a Reddit browsing client, had the advantage of creating various tools.

For now, Reddit is considering keeping this API free in some cases. Basically no money will be charged for research and educational information. Reddit has coined the term Data API. That is, commercial projects like artificial intelligence can no longer offer free training. This new policy will be effective in next 60 days. The third party will then be notified by notification. For now, artificial intelligence training has stumbled somewhat.

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