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Rider foodpanda.com.bd

The salary of Food Panda Delivery Man and the eligibility of Foodpanda Delivery Man application?

Nowadays, there is an opportunity to achieve money by delivering food. Rider foodpanda.com.bd is a platform of the food delivery companies.That’s why Foodpanda Delivery Man’s earnings are higher than those of another food delivery platforms.  Now we will discuss about Foodpanda Delivery Personnels Salary.We will discuss how much is the salary of Foodpanda Delivery Man and how much can this job be done and When do you pay and What is the eligibility of the application?. So let’s start…

Rider FoodPanda Delivery Man Salary

The Foodpanda delivery man salary is not fixed. Their income depends on their food delivery services.

what ever, in 5 to 6 hours you can earn as much as 500 or 600 tk. The amount of this income money will depend on their delivery services. The batch is appointed according to the performance of the food Panda company. This batch is available in a total of 4 first batches earn at taka 36 per order, second batch earn at taka 36 per order.

If you get a well order then you can earn 4 thousand takas per week. However, the average income per week near about 2 thousand.

 Rider foodpanda.com.bd | Foodpanda Rider Apply

Expediency to apply as Delivery Man in foodpanda 

To join as a Delivery Man at Foodpanda you need to have the following qualifications.

National ID Card / If you do not have National ID Card, then it will be manage by birth certificate also.

Need Passport size picture – 2 copies.

You must have a cycle or a motorcycle.

You Must have an Android mobile phone.

You need to operate how to use the map.

An Email address

then you can  apply by going to this link https://rider.foodpanda.com.bd/.

After that if you contact the foodpanda area  office will give you T-shirt, bag, ID card.

it is very difficult to get this tool.They recruit based on the demand in a area.It is  easily found by keeping the eyes and ears open.

Their work is shift basis. First shift is 6 hours.In this one shift a person can earn up to 1 thousand (including customer tips).

#FoodPanda Delivery Man Salary

Everything you get on your phone:

Android version of your phone should be 8.00 to 9.00.  Otherwise you will not perform the job.

You must have an internet connection.

Your phone must have GPS connect.

You must have carry a power bank.

Let’s go how to get your score this time

If you can use your shift full time then you will get 50% scores. And if you can’t, like missing or something like that then your score will be decrease.

If you receive the order immediately then you can get 30% score.

Rider foodpanda.com.bd | Foodpanda Rider Apply

After that if you work shifts from 12 noon to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm then you will enjoy extra 20% overtime score.

This will calculate your total score.

What is Foodpanda Delivery Man’s job?

Foodpanda Delivery Man’s job is to deliver the food ordered from online to customer.  In this case, his time must be.  For this purpose, he will first collect food from the shop.Then He will  deliver the food to the customer’s address.

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