What does aa degree stands for in university?

what does aa degree stands for in university? 

A.A. Degree is a general term associated with an Arts College degree. The A.A. Degree is a two-year undergraduate academic degree offered by community colleges, junior colleges, vocational schools, and technical colleges in the United States.

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree is best suited for many majors to transfer to a four-year college. Also, the AA degree provides the most flexibility for students who are undecided about college or major transfers. AA degree requires 45 credits of core (general education) coursework.

What does aa degree stands for in university?



The A.A. Degrees are awarded to students who have completed an academic program with 60 semester credit hours. An A.A. Degrees are usually awarded in the humanities, business or social sciences. This degree is usually earned within two years when a student attends school full time. For part-time students, it may take longer to meet the degree requirements.

Students with an A.A. The degree may be able to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Associate degrees (aa degree) fall into three main cases.

Associates of Arts (AA)

Associates of Science (AS)

Associates of Applied Science (AAS)

Each of the above degrees is designed to be completed after two years of study as a full-time student and if the student accepts the degree prescribed by the college. In addition, almost every community college requires that every incoming student take a placement test before enrolling in their first semester (unless they fall into a discount section). This test is not an admission test and has no effect on student enrollment in college.


In fact, most students are accepted into school before taking the test. This is not a test to pass or fail, but to determine if a person needs to take some refresher course before entering the college level coursework. This is to ensure that the student has the appropriate basic skills to succeed at the college level.

The test is divided into four parts; Two parts English and two parts mathematics. Includes English grammar (sentence meaning) and text comprehension. Mathematics includes calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, fraction, square root, and percentage) and the equivalent of high school algebra I. If students have low scores in any one of these fields, they must be admitted to the designated department.


The remedial course is starting in the first semester. Thus, depending on how much remedial work is needed, a two-year degree plan may turn into a two-and-a-half-year plan, or perhaps a three-year plan. To limit this time, students have the option of enrolling in a summer session course.

Now look at the underlying differences in degrees:

Associates of Arts (AA)

Designed as a fully transferable degree to a four-year college or university for Associates of Arts graduates. It works to complete the general education cluster area of ​​most four-year institutions, which is equivalent to the first two years of a four-year program. It also serves to complete any perquisite course required for the major and minor requirements of the four-year institution’s curriculum. Students are admitted to Junior Level Status if they have completed the Matching Associate Level Degree.


In other words, from Business AA to Business BA, Engineering AS, Engineering AS etc. Thus, students of this degree include English Literature, History, Social Sciences, Laboratory Science, Humanities, Mathematics, Communication etc. The main area of ​​student study.

Associates of Science (AS)

Within the AS degree a student will notice that general education requirements are less and career oriented course work is more. You will find it in courses that include nursing, engineering, some computer science, and allied health fields. However, these programs should be fully transferable to a four-year institution if the degree matches the above-mentioned four-year college or university study program under the AA degree.

Associates in Applied Science (AAS)

AAS degrees are highly career oriented and are designed to give the student all the skills needed for entry level positions upon completion of the degree. Therefore, students will notice that most AAS degrees consist of a specific level course for a specific field and a very limited number of general education courses. It promotes the myth that not all AAS degrees are transferable to four-year college and university.

I will admit, the degree was originally designed; Transferability was not the main purpose of such degrees. Many AAS degree fields of study did not transfer very well to the four-year institution. In fact, in some sections it was almost like starting. Not so today. Community colleges today are known as joint admissions or dual admissions articles with four-year institutions, where if the student successfully completes the agreed program of study, the four-year institution will receive a degree of full confidence in the achievement and reward the student as a junior. Level conditions include AAS degrees.

However, it is strongly recommended that students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution at a later date make an appointment with a transfer counselor at the community college for more details on the advantages and disadvantages of AAS transfer. 

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Does an AA degree mean anything or what does aa degree stand for ?

An associate’s degree is an academic program taken at the undergraduate level (the first stage after high school). It aims to provide students with the basic technical and academic knowledge and transferable skills they need for a job or further study in the field of their choice.

What is the difference between aa degree and AS degree?

All in all, A.A. Degrees are more general in nature and can help students advance their education or enter a variety of professional fields. A.S. Degrees are more narrowly focused and students may have to take extra courses when they want to expand their studies.

What is an AA degree good for?

Benefits of pursuing an associate’s degree may include higher earning potential, better job security and opportunities, as well as advancement. If you consider the progress of your education, you may wonder which degree fits best with your plans for the future. You have certain skills, career goals and interests.

Are two associates equal to a bachelor’s degree?

Since the associate degree is usually two years long, students will transfer to the bachelor’s degree program after completing two years of general education and foundation-level coursework. After that, they only need to take courses directly related to their bachelor’s degree.

What is a good AS or AAS degree?

Tip. The difference between an A.S. and A.A.S. The degree of liberal industry requirement has been added to the A.S. A more professionally based program of study, so if you have a bachelor’s degree, credits are often less likely to be transferred.

What does aa degree stands for in university?


Who can marry AA?

If AA marries an AS. They may have babies with AA and AS which is good. In some cases, all children will be AA or all children may be AS, which limits their partner’s choice. AS and AS should not be married, there is a risk of having children with SS.

What is the best associate degree to get or what does aa degree stand for ?

What are the highest paid associate degrees? Electrical Engineer. Aeronautics. MRI technology. Radiology technology. Respiratory therapy. Occupational therapy. Mechanical engineering. Network Engineering. Network engineers design, operate, and maintain local and wide area network systems.

How much can you do with an AA degree?

Those who have completed an associate’s degree receive an average salary of $ 887 per week or $ 46,124 per year.

How much does an associate’s degree cost?

Associate Degree Tuition Associate degrees take about two years to complete and are mostly earned in community colleges. For associate degree students, the average cost of college tuition at a public institution is only $ 3,570 per year. Private two-year schools charge significantly higher at $ 14,587.

How do you get from an AA degree to a bachelor’s degree?

Here are 5 steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for graduation. Research your current university articles. Work with your potential university to determine which credit will be transferred to you. See classrooms where possible. Take advantage of your academic advisor.

How much credit do you need to get a bachelor’s degree?

While some associate degrees are designed for a specific technical or professional career, others are designed to serve as the basis for a bachelor’s degree. When your associate’s degree is fully accepted, you will earn about 65 credits toward your bachelor’s degree and enter a junior-level position.


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