Basketball legend Michael Jordans sneaker were sold for $2.2 million

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan played in 1998 National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals wearing these sneakers.

Basketball legend Michael Jordans sneaker were sold for $2.2 million

A pair of American basketball superstar Michael Jordan’s sneakers has been sold for 23.32 million taka ($2.2 million).

Jordan played in the 1998 National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals wearing these sneakers. The NBA stands for North American professional basketball league.

The sneaker made history when it sold for $2.2 million, according to auction house Sadbis. Earlier in 2021, Jordan’s sneakers sold for $1.5 million. This Jordan sneaker is now the number one selling sneaker in sports history.

In a statement, the auction house said, “This auction once again shows how popular Michael Jordan is.” How collectors flock to collect his sneakers.

This sneaker comes in black and red. Hence its name Ruti from the combination of black and red. Michael Jordan wore these sneakers in Game 2 of the 1998 NBA Finals. It was his sixth and final NBA championship.

Jordan is now 60 years old. He played for the Chicago Bulls for most of his basketball career life. He won six championships for them. In the year of 1998, the Bulls won that game 93-88. Jordan wore these sneakers in the second half of the match.

Michael Jeffrey Jordan borned on February 17, 1963. He is currently associated with the ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team.

In 1991, Sports Illustrated magazine named him “Sportsman of the Year” . In 1999, ESPN named him the best athlete of the 20th century.
Jordan is regarded by many as the best basketball player to ever play the game.

His Dad was his first coach

He was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York to a very poor family. Mother’s name is Deloris Jordan, Father’s name is James R. Jordan. His parents struggled from childhood to support a family of 5 siblings. His father James worked as a supervisor in a company. And his mother works in a very small position in a bank. But his mother was a remarkable woman. He learned a lot from his mother since childhood. It is said that his mother’s contribution is the biggest behind this success today.

Despite having so many siblings and financial hardship, he had a happy childhood. We all had a lot of fun. Although there was no abundance, there was no lack of love. It was his father who instilled in him his first love for playing basketball. His older brother, Larry Jordan, loved to play basketball. But he was shorter than Michael. Father thought that if Michael could be trained, he would become a famous player. Because height is very important in basketball. And with that thought, he built a small basketball court for Michael in the backyard. Where father was his coach.

Billionaire michael Jordan

Michael Jordan earns $140 million a year tax-free. Most of which come from the Nike and Air Jordan brands. He also has lucrative deals with Gatorade and Hen’s. As a resident of North Carolina, he bought the NBA team Charlotte Hornets there. Currently, his estimated net worth is $2.6 billion.

As of 2018, he is the richest former player. Moreover there are many restaurants. From there he earns huge amount. He likes to live a luxurious life. There are private planes. The price of which is 85 million dollars. Built a luxury home in Florida. It cost 17 million dollars to build. It also has its own golf court. He is very fond of fishing. He often goes out on a fishing boat.

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