Skoda sharyaq and prediaq debut as four-wheeled NHL mascots

Skoda, a old supporter of hockey game,

thought of AN unconventional thanks to commemorate the NHL’s ninth trip to Europe, making 2 special vehicles as simple machine mascots for the groups – the Eniac iV-based Shariak for the San Jose Sharks, and also the Kodiaq for the state capital Predators. based mostly predicate.

Interestingly, Skoda has proprietary the odd Sharyaq and Prediaq names, that have created a false rumor within the automotive press concerning the future model. The SUVs get the complete organism treatment, impressed by Sharks’ SJ Sharkie and Predators’ grate, with special livery and major bodywork add-ons. These 3D options embody teeth on the front bumper and wheel arches, a shark fin/hair on the roof and a mane/tail on the tailgate. Read more

According to Vitezlav Pelk, the Skoda worker chargeable for the conversion, the 3D options were developed unitedly with a partner, product of “a versatile ribbed composite structure” exploitation “polyurethane foam of varied stiffness” that permits the tails to “move” naturally”. He explained the selection of vehicles. Carrey same they wished the 2 models to be similar in size, with distinction between the work unit and ICE powertrains. Read more

The Skoda employee who created these amusing team mascots, Vtzslav Pelc, explains why these specific cars were selected. The two SUVs were chosen by the Mlada Boleslav-based manufacturer because they are comparable in size and provide a contrast between an internal combustion engine and an all-electric drivetrain. Pridiac’s jersey is largely yellow, similar to the Predators’, whereas Shariak’s is black and blue, similar to the San Jose Sharks.

The Kodiaq and Enyaq iV feature a 3D-printed flexible ribbed composite framework in addition to striking body decals. To allow the fins, tail, and mane to “move organically,” it includes layers of polyurethane foam with varied degrees of rigidity, according to Plec. Skoda’s action is surprising, and it’s a great way to support the company during such a significant NHL event.

Skoda has experience working with esoteric ideas since its vocational school has generated a number of intriguing one-offs throughout the years. There have been several unusual projects recently, ranging from a Kodiaq pickup truck to a Sunroq SUV convertible.

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