Take red meat but wisely

One of the best sources of iron and protein is red meat. Red meat in moderation is good for the body.
It’s hard to find people who don’t like red meat. Almost everyone likes to eat red meat. Vitamins (B1, B3, B6 and B12), zinc, selenium, phosphorus and iron are available in good amounts from this meat. This nutrient also has many health benefits. Generally, a healthy person eating red meat two days a week does not cause any complications.
Eating excess red meat can cause various diseases in the body. So eat meat wisely.

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How much protein a healthy person should consume depends on the person’s ideal weight. If a person’s ideal weight is 70 kg, he should consume about 70 grams of protein per day. Women need almost twice as much protein during pregnancy and menstruation.

A healthy person eating red meat two days a week does not have serious problems. If you have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases, you should eat meat with the doctor’s advice.

It is not advisable to eat more than two to three pieces of home-cooked meat every hour. Eating more than 50 grams of processed meat per day increases the risk of heart disease by 42 percent and the risk of cancer by 63 percent. Cooking meat in the right way and following the rules can be free from complications.

Many people think that eating red meat will be harmful to health. But nutritionists say, just as beef has its harmful side, this meat also has many benefits.

1. How safe beef is depends on how you cook it.
Cooking in the right way can be hassle free.
2. When cutting the meat, discard the fat and cut the meat into small pieces.
3. After cutting the meat, wash it well and boil it in water for a while.
4. Cook boiled meat with less oil. Use low cholesterol oil instead of soybean oil.
5. You can use vinegar, curd, lemon juice etc. It can reduce the harmful effects of fat to some extent.

6. Eating sour yogurt or lemon juice sometime after eating red meat helps in digestion.

7. People suffering from high blood pressure problem can eat two pieces of meat, in this case with expert advice Vegetables should be used in cooking. For example: raw papaya, tomato, gourd, sweet pumpkin etc. can be mixed and eaten.

8. Eat lots of salads with meat.

9. Sour lemon water helps in digestion so eating it shortly after eating red meat helps in digestion.

10. Red meat should be cooked rather than fried with too much oil and spices. Avoid that broth during meals.

11. Processed red meat is more harmful than fresh red meat. If the cholesterol in red meat is too high, it clogs the blood vessels of the heart. 

Heart cannot circulate enough blood, lack of oxygen. Due to which the risk of heart disease and heart attack increases manifold. If you have heart disease, diabetes or other diseases, you must eat red meat with advice.

12. On days you eat meat, take extra time to walk or exercise.

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