The Necessity of Learning English

The Necessity of Learning English

The importance of learning English cannot be described in words because it is the most widely used international language. Without English we cannot communicate with world concerning any matter. Every nation has to depend on this language for national and international affairs. English is needed for higher education. Most of the the books of higher education are written in English language . Information Technology absolutely depends on English. It helps to get good jobs and better salaries.

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Now-a-days most of the organizations employ people who can speak and write a standard form of English. It is used as official or semi-official language in many countries and many international organizations. To maintain daily official correspondence, English is very essential. International seminars and symposiums are held in English.

The bilateral relations, deals for socio-economic as well as political affairs between two countries are also conducted in English. In order to know the culture, custom and literature of different countries, we must have good command over English. Above all, in the present age of globalization, English is the passport all the spheres of life.

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